I had always had a fascination for big numbers so i decided to display all the numbers
from one to a billion on one website.

The most work was making the 4000 pages that contains 250,000 numbers, the numbers 
where generated with a script that i had found on:
http://www.reformattext.com/sequential-number-generator.htm and i modified it for my
purpose, it took me about 35 hours to make all the pages. The total size of this 
website is 11,345.30 MB.

My big wish is to display all the numbers printed on A4 paper but it's not very pratical,
to do that i need approximately 821,692 A4 sheets, that's a total of 1644 packs of paper
containing each 500 sheets A4 paper with each containing about 1217 9-digit numbers.

An example of an A4 paper.
Website is created on 4 December 2019.

Made by Gerard Raatgeep with NoteTab Light and a modified offline version of the Sequential Number Generator.